Let it Snow!

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That’s easy for me to say because I live at almost sea level in the Northwest – although we did get a bit of snow today – it didn’t need to be shoveled!

I am always on the lookout for fun crafts that I can do with my grandkids – I had noticed an ornament on our ‘giving tree’ at work that was made from a wood slice and colorful thread. So I quickly put my husband to work cutting wood slices from a log that was destined for our fireplace.

I drew six lines to represent the branches of the snowflake and marked dots where we need to drill holes – then started going up and down with thread – and to my absolute amazement …. it worked! It was beautiful on both sides.

So I asked Kayla to create a template for me with her amazing graphic design skills.

Kayla also created a new downloadable pattern with all the directions and templates so you can make your own snowflakes. She included an entire page of snowflakes of different sizes so you can print it on a piece of cardstock and use embroidery floss to create a flurry of snowflakes you can use to decorate your house for the rest of the winter .. especially if you live in places like Phoenix!

In case you have not tried to download our free patterns before — just wanted to let you know that we need you to place it in your cart and check out … the cost will be zero – but we need your email address to be able to send you the link to download the pattern — There are lots of other free patterns in our ‘Freebies‘ page as well. Check it out!

And last – we have a new Printable you can download as well – a reminder from Aristotle that you need to get out in the cold to enjoy the beauty of a snowflake. I believe Kira and Kayla both enjoy looking at them from the comfort and warmth of their couch.

There are two versions out there – the one above and the panorama at the beginning of the post with the quote ‘A snowflake is one of the God’s most fragile creations, but look what they can do when they stick together.

Happy New Year – from our families to Yours!

The Musers … Sheila, Kira and Kayla

Kayla’s Christmas Card


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