Pattern Updates

As women we hardly ever make mistakes – but occasionally it happens. This is where we let you know when one of these “once in a blue moon” occurrences takes place. Unfortunately these occur more as I get older – so sorry about any inconvenience it caused on your end.  Please bear with us and thank you for your understanding.

Nordic Ribbons

Binding Fabric Requirements:  5/8 yard

Corrections to directions:

pg 3:  Fabrics 3,4 and 5, second bullet – cut two 10″ pieces and two 11″ pieces, third bullet – should result in (24) 10″ pieces and (24) 11″ pieces.  On the diagram on the top half of the page, it should read 10″ and 10″ and then 11″ and 11″.  

pg 4:  Under the section Add Borders to each Animal and snowflake.  Bullet one should be 10″, bullet 2 should be 10″, bullet 3 should be 11″ and bullet 4 should be 11″.  

pg 5:  On the first half of the page, bullet 3 should be 3.5″ rather than 3″. and bullet 4 should be 3.5″ instead of 3″. 

So very sorry for making this mistake in the pattern directions, If you already cut out the border for the animals and the snowflakes and the strips now don’t fit, you can cut the panels to be 9.5″ x 9.5″ or you can recut the border pieces.  


Arctic Comforter

Fabric requirements on the back cover read Border and Backing – this should have read Border and Binding.  Two yards is the correct amount for the Border and the Binding. 

Fabric Requirement updates to multiple patterns:

In the following patterns, the fabric requirements state that you need 1/2 yard of fabric 1, 2, and 3 for the twin-size blanket. You actually need 5/8 of a yard (22.5 inches) of these three fabrics.

Also in the following patterns, the finished size of the twin size quilt is 60″ x 90″ not 60″ x 75″ as stated on the pattern.

  • Building Blocks quilt pattern
  • Barnyard Bash quilt pattern
  • Polar Opposites quilt pattern
  • Pirate Posse quilt pattern
  • Mermaid Marina quilt pattern
  • Forest Fairy and Friends quilt pattern
  • Cowboy Corral quilt pattern

Mermaid Marina:

Under additional size guides on page 13: In the table for the baby blanket cutting instructions the boxes for fabric 5 are blank. The should read as follows:

  • What is being cut: building blocks B & C
  • Cut (all dimensions are width x height): cut 2: 10″ x 15″; cut 2: 5″ x 15″

Nursery Basics:

Page 16: Under cutting directions,  cut all squares at 7″x 7″  instead of 8″ x 8″ (or you need 2 yards of fabric)

Square Lattice Quilt:

Page 3: undercutting directions for crib size number 2 from the neutral (gray) print, start by cutting (17) width of fabric 2″ strips instead of 2 1/2″ strips.

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