Sewing Tips

We love working with a soft Cuddle or Minky fabric – but we hear that not everyone does! Over the years we have come up with some tips that might make it easier for you.

You can click here to download the PDF file for future reference.

Sewing Tips for Sewing with Cuddle/Minky Fabrics…

Cutting Tips

  • Cuddle has a nap, cut pattern pieces out with the nap going in the desired direction.
  • Cutting creates cuddle ‘dust’ – cutting from the backside or ‘just the knit’ may help. Keep a vacuum handy and use it often. Lint rollers are also nice to remove cuddle dust from clothing. Clean cuddle dust from your cutting mat with a damp washcloth.

Sewing Tips

  • Use a ‘longer’ stitch length, typically between the center and the longest setting (on my machine this is a 4). We also use a size 90 ‘stretch’ needle. Be sure to swap out your needles as often as necessary to minimize skipping stitches.
  • Start stitching your seams about 1/4” in from the raw edge rather than right on the edge. Sometimes it works to backstitch from there without pounding the fabric into the presser foot plate. If available, always use the needle-down setting on your sewing machine.
  • Cuddle is really slippery, use LOTS of clips or LONG pins with big heads. We love clover clips! Using clips or pins every inch or even 1/2” helps keep it where you want it.
  • Thread gets buried in pile, you may want to use a contrasting thread especially if you might need to unpick. When topstitching appliques, I use light grey or light tan thread on all the different colors of cuddle and I use a topstitch needle.
  • When stitching ‘layers’ of cuddle, place the ‘stretchiest’ fabric against the sewing machine bed, and the most ‘stable’ fabric on top (next to the presser foot).
  • Make sure you are stitching on fabric, not just ‘fluff’. When you are done with a seam, run your fingers along the center of the seam to be sure you don’t poke through a hole.
  • Cuddle fabric is great for use with applique work because it will never fray you can just topstitch around the outside edge. We always use a fusible web on the back of the appliques – like Steam-a-Seam Lite or Wonder Under. Always use a pressing cloth between the cuddle fabric and your iron.

Care Tips

  • Wash cuddle projects using a delicate cycle and cool water. Line dry ALL ‘textured’ cuddle fabrics. The dryer will remove the heat set design or tangle the shaggy cuddle and it will just stay looking nice longer! Don’t use liquid fabric softeners either.

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