Limited Use Prodcution License

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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Updated 5/2022

Sheila McKay, Kira Greenhalgh, and Kayla Conrad are the original designers and copyright owners of all McKay Manor Muser patterns and retain all rights to the original design, instructions, pictures, and illustrations contained in this pattern. McKay Manor Musers also maintains the rights to the original design of any product constructed from this pattern.

McKay Manor Musers grants a limited license to the LICENSEE to produce items for sale from one McKay Manor Muser pattern with the following conditions and requirements:

1. LICENSEE agrees to pay for one of the following production levels:

$10 for the production of 10 items
$25 for the production of 25 items
$50 for the production of 50 items

This license is only active for the number paid for. No additional items may be produced for sale unless an additional agreement is purchased. This fee is non-refundable.

2. The LICENSEE must produce all items in a home/small business capacity. Commercial production or distribution is not permitted.

3. This license is valid for all McKay Manor Musers patterns, but LICENSEE must select which patterns the limited use license will be used for.

4. The LICENSEE is an independent contractor and is in no way an employee of McKay Manor Musers. McKay Manor Musers is in no way liable for any outcome of a sewn project.

5. LICENSEE shall make a reasonable effort to safeguard the design and interests of the LICENSOR. The LICENSEE agrees not to re-distribute the pattern or any portion of the pattern (unless patterns have been purchased at wholesale for distribution at a class LICENSEE is teaching). This agreement does not entitle LICENSEE to sell the pattern or any portion of the pattern. The LICENSEE is only permitted to sell actual items produced from the pattern.

6. LICENSEE will credit McKay Manor Musers in any sales tags and/or product descriptions where products are listed. The following statement shall be reproduced and included with each item for sale: This product was made under a special production license granted by McKay Manor Musers LLC.

This product was made using the (Pattern Name) pattern by McKay Manor Musers.

7. If LICENSEE violates any of these conditions, McKay Manor Musers reserves the right to revoke this license.

8. McKay Manor Musers reserves the right to refuse to sell a license to any person for any reason.