Caught between the Seasons!

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Not sure what it is like in your neck of the woods – but here in Colorado it is sunny one day and it snows the next day. That means it is time to make a new wreath to encourage Spring to take over … and to make a new blanket because it is still 27 degrees when we wake up.

Let’s start with the new blanket – I just taught a class for the 30×30 baby blanket with piping around the edge and I thought it was time to make a new blanket for adults. I just got a couple new bolts of cuddle (minky) fabric from Shannon Fabrics – it is called the Denali Collection. I loved the designs and the colors!

I matched it with an embossed forest green fabric and added a luxe grey piping binding. These blankets are really easy to make – you create your own piping with a two inch strip of fabric – well – to make this blanket you actually need five 2″ x 60″ strips of fabric. Sew the short ends together, place a really long piece of chunky yarn down the center of the strip – fold it in half and use a zipper foot to stitch next to the yarn inside the folded fabric.

Stitch the piping around the outside edge of one of the pieces of fabric. Place the coordinating piece of fabric on top and sew around the blanket again. Leave a small hole and pull the blanket right side out.

Stitch the opening closed – and you have a new fun warm blanket – and yes – that is snow outside my windows – so just in time to keep me warm.

I put together kits for the new blanket – It includes 2 yards of the evergreen embossed cuddle and two yards of the Denali Collection Fabric and 10″ of the Grey Luxe cuddle for the piping. I am also including the pattern that teaches you how to make six different blankets using cuddle fabrics. Click here if you’d like to see the kit on our website.

And now for the fun part – making wreaths. Once again I went to Hobby Lobby and purchased a pile of flowers and a couple of wreaths. I ended up making three different wreaths and one flower arrangement.

This first wreath came with all the dark flowers on it – it just looked like it needed to be ‘fuller’ – I added a pink flower between each of the dark ones. Sure makes me think of our home in Vancouver – I just LOVE hydrangeas!

This second wreath came as a beautiful swag – I just added the three flowers that reminded me of our visit to Hawaii.

For the last wreath I just added the pink flowers to the beautiful wreath frame that already had small purple-blue flowers. It was easy to wire them into the frame.

I decided to make a flower arrangement using one bouquet of colorful spring flowers – and one bunch of white flowers. I had taken a flower arranging class in college – and it was fun getting back into the arranging mode – I just put a green floral block into the center of the container that Kira had given me for Easter – after I planted the real bulbs out in our garden – sure hope they survive the snowstorms that are supposed to come again this week.

I found a cool Irish Blessing and Kira turned it into a Print and Ponder for me – You can download and print it for free on our website.


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