Looking for a quick little project before Easter?

I was at Kira’s house before the birth of Isla and I wanted to make vests for each of the girls – I looked for a pattern for a crop vest with little cap sleeves – and couldn’t find one … so I decided I must have to create my own pattern.   Kira has three girls and one on the way … so I needed to make four different sizes. We had quite a variety of super soft Shannon cuddle fabrics and silky satin in Kira’s ‘stash’ so I made one for little Coco first. 

Next I wanted to make one for Rozzie – and she wanted a suede one – the great thing about suede is …. it doesn’t need to be lined – so all you need to do is sew the the shoulder seams and the side seam – sew on a button and cut a little hole for it to slide through – and you’re done. 

I thought their might be other people out there that might want to make vests for their little girls so I decided to turn it into a pattern – You can purchase a  downloadable version of the pattern at our shop

I can’t end the post without mentioning the the photo in the middle our our top collage.  I had sent all the vests out to Kira’s house to take photos for my pattern cover … and apparently Coco was ‘having a bit of a bad moment’ ….

Kayla had already written the pattern for me and I loved what she wrote for the description:

“These little vests will make the perfect topper for any outfit. Easy to make and so stinking cute you’ll find yourself looking for excuses to make more vests. Little ones are sure to feel special in an item of clothing made just for them. Or they’ll beg you to take it off, throw it on the floor and run away crying.” If you’ve ever made clothing for kiddos – I’ll bet you understand.

Happy Easter and Happy Sewing,



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