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One of the parts I love about springtime is the arrival of new little animals.  When I was in Utah for the birth of Kayla’s baby there was a field full of momma moo cows with their little babies following them around.  Then when I was walking around Lacamas Lake near our house I saw a pair of geese with 8 little goslings.  So I thought in honor of the arrival of new little babies … we should feature our barnyard buddies in this blog.

I’d like to introduce you to Sydnie Marie Tolman Johnson.  She is also my sister Linda’s granddaughter.  With Linda’s help – she made a yellow duck pillow for her little brother Drake – a duck for a duck you see. And then they had to make a little cow for Duke (perhaps named after an amazing Cowboy in the old western movies??). Drake and Duke are in the pictures at the top of the post.

Our Barnyard Buddies Jelly Bean Pillow patterns comes with directions for six little farm animals:  Duck, Chick, Pig, Goat, Cow and Sheep.  The pillows end up being about 14” wide and 9” tall.  You can access our downloadable version of the pattern by clicking here.

I can share with you the fabrics that we used to create the kits.  They are all from Shannon Fabrics.  The duck and the chick used Rose Cuddle (banana and white respectively). Remember this is the fabric that should NOT go into the dryer or it will lose the cute little roses.

For the sheep we used Llama cuddle – this is a really really soft plush – which makes it a bit more interesting to sew – but so worth it in the end because it is so long and fluffy.

We used Luxe cuddle hide for the cow. We used a white color, but you could also make it out of black with white spots – or even beige with brown spots – get creative.

You can use the store locator on Shannon Fabrics to find a store that carries cuddle fabric near you – or try  And if you’d like all the fabrics in one little box to make one of the pillows – we just added kits to our website.  Each kit contains all the fabrics for one animal and the pattern for all six animals.  Here’s a sample of what you will get in a kit – I chose to show the pig because we are now using Luxe Cuddle Hide in the blush color – which I like even better that the lattice fabric that we used in our initial kits. Click here to access all the new kits.

We used a fabric called Luxe Cuddle Frosted Zebra Camel in our new Goat kit – not sure why ‘Zebra’ is included in the name of the fabric – but this is a really soft textured fabric.

If you’d actually like to watch someone put together one of the barnyard buddy pillows – Teresa – the educator at Shannon Fabric did a facebook live class this past week.  Here is a link to the class in a YouTube video.

Since we are talking about barnyard animals – thought I might also mention our Barnyard Bash Quilt – It is one of the quilts that uses the sew and flip technique.  You’ll find a tutorial for this method on our blog – just click here.  We also posted a video tutorial on the McKay Manor Musers YouTube channel – just click here. Here’s a link to the Barnyard Bash downloadable pattern.

If you just like the little animals and would like to add them to a project of your own – you can get just the template pack.  This just has the tracing guides for all twelve of the elements in the pattern. Here’s a link to the downloadable version of the pattern.

Our Print and Ponder this week comes from Ralph Waldo Emerson … ‘What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies with us.”  You can download this image for free on our website.  It just comes as a jpeg file.  Each week I print out the quote as inspiration for the week. I bring the picture into a word document and expand it to ‘fill the page’ then print it out on brochure paper and hang it on my fridge.  You can also just save it on your computer or print it on 4×6 paper – you’ll just have to trim it a bit because it’s a square photo.   

Stay safe and have a happy week!



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