Quick Christmas Gifts

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Looking to make a quick and easy Christmas gift with some of that fabric you have in your stash?

Look no further –

Kira designed this adorable little hat – and it is quick and easy to put together. There are only two pattern pieces.

Gabriella’s hat is made from a winter snowflake fleece on the outside and a warm winter white Shannon Cuddle Luxe fabric on the inside. Then she added a pom-pom make from white yarn on the top – the directions for making the pom-pom are in the pattern as well.

Rozzie’s hat is made from a winter tree fleece on the outside and the navy blue dynasty luxe cuddle from Shannon Fabrics on the inside – We added the little owl eyes and beak using cuddle fabrics as well – these are also included in the pattern – and yes – Rozzie made her own pom-pom.

For Coco’s hat we used a fleece on the outside and the Dynasty Amethyst Luxe Cuddle from Shannon Fabrics on the inside. For this one I made the pom poms using a four inch strip of the fleece fabric – I just cut from out outer edges of the fabric towards the center on both sides … about 3/8 of an inch apart – and left about 1/2″ ‘uncut’ in the center of the strip – then I rolled it up and tied it with a strip of fleece fabric and attached it to the hat.

For little Isla’s hat, Kira made a pom pom with heavier weight yarn – by the way we just used a needle with a really large eye to poke two of the ‘threads’ through the hat and then tied them with a secure knot. The pattern just comes in one size – I made them a bit larger and smaller by just adjusting the seam allowance – from really tiny to about 1/2″ seam.

If you’d like to make hats for your kiddos – the pattern is just $3.

Happy Holidays from the Musers!



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