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Cats have been a part of my life for as log as I can remember – growing up we always had cats and kittens. That’s me and my little brother David with our siamese cat … We grew up in Logan, Utah where we had a half and acre lot and seems like we had kittens pretty regularly – and always found good homes for them.  Notice when my sister Linda had her first baby – I had to be holding my ‘baby’.

When Pat and I first got married we quickly adopted a little Siamese kitten – but when we lost her and placed an ad in the newspaper – someone contacted us to say they had found our cat – but this one was all grwon up and had an extra toe on each of her paws – we ended up adopting her and called her Mittens.  Seems like we keep outliving our cats – so the next one was Calicat – a beautiful calico kitten.

When Kira and Kayla arrived we adopted Misty Morning and Starry Night from the Humane Society in Fr Collins CO and they were with us for a LONG time. When Kayla was in high school we adopted Streaker – Kayla took Streaker with her when she got married and Streaker has become the most pampered cat on the planet.  When Kira was in her last year of high school she decided she needed a new cat – and feel in love with one at a pet store in the mall – She thought she was really sneaky when she brought the cat home and then hid it in her closet while she went to school.  I was working from home and kept hearing ‘meowing’ – I followed the sound and found the kitten in the closet – needless to say she was in BIG trouble – but we ended up having Morteki for years.

When Morteki passed away we were finally ‘catless’ and it was so weird … and quiet … and almost lonely.  I waited a LONG time looking for the ‘perfect’ cat – I wanted a Calico cat or a kitty with blue eyes and I wanted to adopt from the Humane Society where I am a volunteer.  At long last a calico kitten was on its way from California and I was waiting in line to meet him – before the doors opened – even for volunteers – It was love at first site and I adopted her that day – She ended up getting ‘sick’ just a couple days after we brought her home and after over $1500 in vet bills we didn’t want to leave her home with neighbors as we left for Christmas for a week – so – we were one of ‘those’ people that took her with us – on a Southwest flight to Denver – love their pet carry on policy – She thinks she is so helpful when she spreads out on all my projects – and she sure keeps us on her toes – she will literally hide behind a counter and jump out an land on your leg – she will cover you with love bites and try to have the fish, the turtle and the gecko for lunch.

So it shouldn’t be any surprise that we have designed patterns with and for cats …

Of course we use cats in our Halloween patterns – Our Halloween favorites template pack has a arching black kitty along with eleven other ‘boo-tiful’ designs just in time for Halloween.

We have a couple Halloween Kits – and we are offering them for $10 off – just use the coupon code HalloweenTen

Kayla’s Boo-tiful 

pattern has .. and we have one kit left – you can us the coupon code Halloween Ten for $10 off on this kit too.

We have a fun floppy Kitty Stuffed Animal pattern (it includes a puppy version as well).

We have kits available for both the kitty and the puppy – we have all of the variations below available.  

A fun quilt sew as you go quilt – 7 Seas Kitty and Puppy Blanket

We designed a cat bed for those lazy cats of yours Cat Napper – Can you tell that my cat Houdini loved this bed? 

There’s a kitten in the Jelly Bean Pillow pattern – along with a fox, panda, husky and puppy– downloadable version

We have kits available for all six of these animals – we just haven’t had time to get them up on the website – you can ask for one using the contact us form – they are $25 each and include the pattern.

You can also make a kitty purse or backpack –

.  The kit can also make a purse or a backpack. 

and  … just for reading to the end of this crazy post – you can download our Tide and Harbor pattern for free – just click here to add it to your cart.

You can also use any of the appliques on bags, pillowcases or clothing.

Happy Halloween and Happy Sewing
The Musers
Sheila Kira and Kayla






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