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As you may have noticed, we aren’t the best about updating this blog. We are hoping to be better about putting things up here. In that spirit, we are going to start off this new attention to our blog with a bang. Or, more accurately, with a free pattern.

Our First Free Pattern

Since things are a bit crazy around our respective homes (we are preparing for Spring Market in Portland, OR), this pattern is a little out of season. However, it is stinkin’ adorable and we are excited to share it with all of you.

0061 Pocket Scarf PatternThis cute pattern comes to you from the mind of Sheila. We know keeping a rambunctious little one warm is not an easy task. Keeping track of a kid, their scarf, their mittens and all their other various belongings is enough to drive anyone batty. This scarf combines two of those things and may help you maintain a little of your sanity.

I don’t “go crazy.” I am crazy. I just go “normal” from time to time. 

This cute little scarf has pockets designed to keep your kiddo’s paws warm while out and about. Thus, each of the pockets appropriately sports an adorable little paw print appliqued to it.
If you would like to own this awesome free pattern, just click here: download pocket scarf hereIt will take you to a page where you should be able to see a preview of the pattern. Then simply click on “File” and select “download” from the drop down menu.

Pocket Scarf LightPocket Scarf Dark




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