New Water Bottle and Phone Sling Pattern

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Hope you had a GREAT summer!  Looks like Fall is just around the corner. 

One of my absolute favorite things to do is to go for a walk … or a hike!  And … it helps keep me in shape.  I also love taking photographs – which means that I need to take my phone with me.  I also want to take my keys, and my driver’s license and some cash and a credit card. I had not found a sling that would accommodate all of my wishes so I decided I should make one – I created quite a few different models before I landed on one that I really liked. 

Fabric Choices

You can use lots of different fabrics – I liked using a canvas fabric from Art Gallery Fabrics for the strap and the front and back panels – they have so many pretty choices.  You could also use a ripstop nylon but I did not have any of that in my stash.

Isn’t it fun that Corduroy is back!  It’s durable and has such a fun texture and comes in lots of colors and even prints.

Notice there is a little strap that creates a loop and I attached a carabiner to hold my keys.


I put the pocket for my phone on the outside and then added a flap to keep the phone inside the pocket.  If your phone happens to be wider than the pocket, just plan to make the front and back panels wider and the pocket wider.  You can also change the design and put the pocket on the INSIDE of the sling. 



For the strap that goes around the bottom of the sling and for the pockets – I have three favorite fabrics:  Shannon Cuddle, Faux Suede and Corduroy.

I chose to use Shannon Cuddle 3 Fabric – It has just a bit of give if you cut it across the grain so it makes it easier to slip my phone in and out of the pocket.  It is also durable and soft and comes in LOTS of colors so you can match it to your primary fabric.

I also used Faux Suede for quite a few of them, it comes is lots of pretty colors and is fairly durable and pretty and still washable

Choosing Appropriate Fabrics

On one of my first models, I wanted it to match the canvas fabric that I was using so I found a knit that matched perfectly – However, after quite a bit of use – the knit is just getting lots of holes in it – so I would not recommend using a lightweight knit fabric.  I wanted to keep you from making the same mistake.  I have not tried making one with Lycra – but that might work.

Strap Length

You can adjust the length of the strap so it works perfectly for you.  Once I made multiple slings for myself, my granddaughters decided that they each needed a sling for themselves.

The good news is that you can also just tie a knot in the top of the strap and make it shorter.

Or you can make one with a shorter strap that fits them perfectly.

On Adventure!

I recently went on a horseback trip out to see the Wild Mustangs in Adobe Valley with Ken Lee from The Art of Seeing.  What an amazing trip – and I because I am always very thirsty and need to stay hydrated – I took two water bottle slings with me and tied a knot in each strap and then hung them off the saddle horn so they were always handy.

Just a side note – I have a very expensive Canon camera and a really long telephone lens – when I got to the trip for some reason it would NOT focus perfectly and it was driving me nuts – what good is a photograph if it isn’t in focus.  This meant I had to leave it in camp and all I had was my iPhone for the rest of the trip.  We were out in the meadow with the horses and all the sudden the whole herd decided to move to a new location and they ran right in front of me.  Luckily all I had was my iPhone so I was able to take a video – and thought I would share it with you!

If you’d like to make a water bottle sling for yourself or someone you love – you can purchase the downloadable pattern from our store – just click here to go see the pattern on our website.  

We REALLY appreciate any purchases you make directly from us!  I hope you will love the sling. 

Hoping you get to thoroughly enjoy your Autumn.  We just returned from a great couple days in Crested Butte CO – Life is so good!



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