Do you have a ballerina in your life?

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Beautiful Ballerinas … Delightful Dancers!

When Kira and Kayla were growing up they participated in dance classes and recitals – in particular, I remember the organization called Sunshine Generation – where we even got to go do a performance in Disney World – well actually one of the open-air theaters outside one of the Disney hotels – but hey – we had a GREAT time in Disney World because of it.

Kira and Kayla Sunshine Generation

Now I am lucky enough to live close to Kira so I can come and see my granddaughters recitals – It was a bit different this year because of COVID – but we still got to see them dance – I so enjoy watching them get all dressed up in their beautiful costumes – with just a touch of makeup from their mom – and their hair up neatly in a little bun.

Many years ago I made little ballerina bags for them using our So Simple Knapsack pattern.  Here is a picture of Gabriella with the little knapsack.

We added one of the appliques from the Yosemite Critter Corner Collection Book.  This happens to be the little bobcat.  I can’t believe how little Gabriella was in this picture – wait till you see her sewing her new bag below.  There are lots of appliques for sale on our website that you can add to the front of the bag – just click here

You can download the directions for the knapsack for free from our website – just click here.

If you haven’t downloaded a free pattern before – just a note – you need to sign up for an account with your email address so we will know where to send the pattern.  You can use ribbon or cords for the backpack straps – and you can add any applique you’d like to make people smile.

Kira wanted me to make ‘larger’ bags for them now – because now they were old enough to need a bag big enough to hold their homework and reading books or activities while they waited for their sisters’ class.  Kira chose to use McCall’s pattern 4323.  She found some really fun canvas fabrics, faux ‘suede’, wide ribbons and colorful ‘straps’ all at Hobby Lobby (link). Gabriella has really been wanting to learn to sew so she helped make most of the new bags.

This is where the ‘muse’ part of us takes over – I like playing with the patterns – I primarily followed the directions for the first bag which included the band at the top of the bag.

For the last two bags – we left off the band at  the top of the bag and we used a faux suede for the bottom of the bag … and rather than have the canvas on the outside all over the bag … I switched so that the suede would show on the bottom of the bags.  Here is Rozzie and Gabriella with their new bags after the dance recital.

Speaking of bags  …. It’s almost time to go back to school for some students.  We have a couple of bags your students might enjoy taking to school.

This one is the Backyard Backpack –I used them for short hiking trips with my foreign exchange student from Italy –

And this is both of us on the front cover of the pattern.

And yes -that is a cute moose applique on my backpack – and yes it is included in the pattern.  And …. yes … that is picture of a  baby moose that I took while I was in Ninilchik, Alaska.  That reminds me – we just got back from a three week vacation in Alaska – and yes – I did see moose and bears and little cubs – pretty up close and personal.  You can see my adventures on my Instagram account – MooseMatters.

Click  here for the link to the downloadable version of the backyard backpack so you can get started right away.

For the little ones in your life – you might like our Jelly Bean Faces bag.  It can either be a bag with a strap that goes across your shoulder – or you can cut the strap in half and turn it into a backpack.  That’s Gabbie wearing the Raccoon version of the bag – and Rozzie wearing the puppy backpack on our trip to Greece.

Click here to go to the downloadable version of the pattern.

And of course, I also have to end with a cool quote:  Dance with your heart, and your feet will follow!  Good lesson for life as well!

And a YouTube video – I loved that this song came out when my girls were in high school – I just loved the words and the message – “And when you get the chance to sit it out or dance – I hope you dance” By LeeAnn Womack.

Happy Sewing!


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