Aren’t Moose Magnificent?

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My nickname is Moose – – or more affectionately – Moosie sometimes – I have no idea how I got the nickname but it has definitely stuck – and I love it – it lets me collect fun Moose things!  When Shannon Fabrics came out with their new digitally printed panels and one of them had a MOOSE on it — I knew I needed to make something with them. 

I needed a new blanket for my queen size bed in our new travel trailer – so all I needed was a design – and that was of course the hardest part.  I pulled out the Moose panel and then picked out all of my favorite fabrics that matched with the panel – blues, purples and greens and warm fuzzy fabric to keep me warm.  I create my designs by cutting up fabrics and putting them together on a ‘design wall’ – in this case on the queen bed.  I put the digital print in the center and then thought it might cool to put the strips on diagonals – like we did in our “on the Diagonal” pattern. (link)

Note the ‘helper’ on my design – not sure how many of you have an ‘assistant’ that helps you with your designs – mine is named Smittens – and she is always there to ‘help’

I also liked the idea of using the sew and flip technique because it attaches the strips directly on the batting as you are sewing down the strips  – and  that would make it possible to complete the entire queen size quilt on my regular sewing machine.  

My next thought was  – what if I make diagonal sections that are mirror images of each other and then put one on the top and one of the bottom of the moose panel I also liked the idea of putting sashing in-between each strip – that way – all you need to do is lay out the pieces in their desired location and you can use the sashing to stitch them together without adding any width or length to the design. I choose to use black sashing because it makes it look a bit like stained glass.

Sorry for all that rambling … Here’s what I ended up with after that messy design process and apparently Smittens approves.

I wrote up the pattern and Kira worked her magic and created a pattern for me – Here’s a link to the pattern if you’d like to make a quilt for yourself. 

I also created a few kits in case you’d like to purchase all the fabrics to make one for yourself.

The kit includes all of the fabrics for the top of the quilt and 6 yards of fabric for the borders and backing.

            Here is the link to the kit – it includes all of the fabric for the front and six yards of fabric for the side panels, bottom panel and backing.

I wanted to make a throw that I could carry around the house and out on adventures – This one was really easy – I just put the panel in the center – added a 6.5″ strip to each side, and then added a 12″ strip to each side and you end up with a blanket that is 60″ wide by 72″ tall.

You can download the pattern for this throw for free on our website. In case you haven’t downloaded free patterns from our website before – you need to add them to your cart and checkout – the price will be zero – but we need your email address to send you the link for the pattern.

Here’s the link for the free pattern.

I also made kits for this throw

Here is the link to the kits.

And just in case you like Moose things too –

I created a few other patterns with Moose on them as well.

Our Moose on the Loose pattern is a little baby blanket with a moose in one corner and moose tracks in the opposite corner.

  Here is the link to Downloadable pattern

And for another moose blanket for adults – I created Moose Tracks It is a quilt as you go pattern – each panel below has a piece of batting behind it so you can easily make the blanket on a traditional sewing machine – even my mom’s Featherweight.

And I’ll end this way too long post with Advice from a MOOSE on a card I got when I was in one of the National Parks – from Your True Nature

Think Big … Spend time in the woods …. eat plenty of greens … Hold your head up high … Stay on track … Keep your nose clean …. and It’s OK to be a little wild!


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